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Sunday June 3rd 2002

Well, the contest has come to a close and we have still not seen a new website design.

The winner has been chosen, and he will be working on the website very soon.

Thanks to those few who entered J (o)

You will be listed on the site when the new design is up.


Monday April 15th 2002

Hello all,
If you've seen my site in the last few months, you know that I haven't updated it much. I've decided it's time once again for a complete rehaul.
So I am starting the Website Design competition.  I will accept any entry into the competition, and I will evaluate all of them.

This is what I want it to be like:
Sci - Fi
Manageable and Easily updateable
Easily Navigateable
Can have animation(but isnt necessary)
Can be simple(Complicated 'can' be bad)
If you put weird little creatures on it I'll throw in some bonus points :)

What I STRONGLY do not want it to be like:
The Matrix
Techy and Cold feeling
Vector 3d  boxes and Lines

What's in it for you:
Recognition(will write your name and email/website on my front page,
as well as a photo and a link, will also feature your music(if you make any) in my downloads section)
a copy of the new Marumari Remix Album(Out May 26th), a Marumari T-Shirt, Poster, and sticker.
I'm generally very generous. If you win, I will hook you up big time. :)

Feel free to use any scratch graphics from my site that you want, but don't feel obligated.
It still needs to have all of the same content, but can be shown any way that you would like.
NOTE: I will provide audio snippets for buttons upon judging the contest. (If necessary)
Send all entry URLs to, the deadline is May 20th, 2002.
I will post all of the entry URLs after the competition is judged,
so you can call me a jerk for not picking the best one.

Good luck!
Josh and Sasha

Sunday January 27th 2002
As promised, we have a live marumari set online for everyone to hear.
click here to check it out.
It gets very distorted and loud in certain parts -
just shows you how we were rockin' that night :). (o)

Saturday January 5th 2002
Happy New Year!!!
I've been hard at work on some new tunes and images!
I made an image for a 3d Lighting contest click here to check it out.
If you would be so kind, please cast me a vote in the contest!
Just click here and click enable vote, then go to freestyle and click on
the image by bad finger(that's me) and vote! for some reason my image
doesn't show up on that page but you can get to it by clicking on the previous link...
thanks! :) (o)

Sunday December 2nd 2001
Marumari was played on Mtv2 friday night,
and we now have the official Mtv2 vote link!!!
Click here to Vote for Marumari on Mtv2! (o)
Coming soon, Marumari Live Performance from Brown University
Providence, Rhode Island. :)

Tuesday November 13th 2001
Marumari video has hit the big time! It will be played Friday
next week on MTV2 on the show Amp between 10pm and 12am.
It will also be played on MTV UK, MTV Europe, and MTV Germany.
You can catch a sneak preview by clicking here. (o)

Saturday November 10th 2001
Marumari wedding photos are up on the photo page, taken in
Sedona, Arizona. We had a blast out there, if you ever get a chance to
visit, its beautiful. It looks like Mars! (o)
A new  high resolution quicktime of the "Baby M" video is up for viewing.
Look forward to seeing "Baby M" on a television station near you! :) (o)

Wednesday September 19th 2001
Marumari is now back from Europe concluding a successful(we think)
little tour over there.  We are proud to announce that Sasha Ellms
is now a permanent member of Marumari.  Although she has worked secretly
with us in the past on various projects, she will be contributing in a major way
to the new album, and playing all live shows.  We have some new photos of
the new Marumari playing in Nantes, France. Click here. (o)

Wednesday August 15th 2001
Marumari Video is back up online and ready to be viewed.
Click here to watch. This is still the rough cut version, the final
will be done in a few weeks. Off to Europe to play a bunch of shows!
Here are the live tour dates... (o)

Thursday July 12th 2001
Marumari Video is up online and ready to be viewed.
Click here to watch. This is the rough cut version, the vinyl
will be done in a few weeks. So if it doesnt look absolutely perfect,
its because its not! :) But its pretty close... Leaving on tour tomorrow morning.
Seeya in Pittsburgh!  Here are the live tour dates... (o)

Thursday June 28th 2001
Once again I have some more shows coming up!
This time one in Brooklyn.  Check the Carpark
live page for more info about all my upcoming shows!!! (o)

Thursday June 21st 2001
Have two shows this weekend, one in Tampa, Florida and one
in Miami. Check my live page for more info! (o)

Sunday June 17th 2001
Spent all of yesterday filming for my new video on location
in the Sahara Desert.  Here is a clip of an animated section of the video
No live shots will be released until the video is done. :) (o)

Tuesday June 5th 2001
Samples from my new album are up on the download site
for your enjoyment! This summer's tour dates have been updated
on the live page also. (o)

Saturday June 2nd 2001
Marumari is back in full effect. Moved into my new house and set up the cable modem and the
Marumari server is back online. Many new updates. Just made a poster to be displayed
at Etherea for my upcoming album(June 26) Supermogadon (o)

Wednesday May 23rd 2001
Sorry about the web banners, I'm shutting down my webserver for awhile til I move into
my new house and get a highspeed connection!  (o)

Tuesday May 22nd 2001
Getting ready for my release party this weekend and taking
a big break from the mammoth project I worked on known
as Antarctica.  I need to change my webserver bad!!! I'll
be putting up quicktimes of all the (good)animations I did
for Nova.  (o)

Thursday May 17th 2001
I'm going to be doing effects and music(plus theme song)
to a pilot for a Sci Fi show called OB-1 on the Sci Fi Channel.
It looks like a crazy show... :)  (o)

Wednesday May 16th 2001
My website was down for awhile because I was moving into my new house.
Tons to update you with... Tour dates with To Rococo Rot have been confirmed.
Will let you know very soon.  All my shows this last weekend went well.
I sold alot of my new album! Met alot of cool people at my shows also.
Heres a link to a few pics that Cex shot at my show at the Cooler...

Friday May 11th 2001
My show is tonight at the Cooler in NYC. Hope to see you there! (o)

Thursday May 10th 2001
What the hell I guess I'll give you an update.  Been working on
Antarctica(PBS Nova Show) from dusk till dawn.  Very tired. Please don't wake me up...
Other than that I should be practicing for my show on Friday at the Cooler.
Hmm, shouldn't I be working on music?! (o)

Wednesday May 9th 2001
Marumari and To Rococo Rot tour is now definite for September
of this year in the USA. Will keep you updated when I find out the dates!
Also very close to getting all my remixes
in for the Marumari  remix cd... (o)

Monday May 7th 2001
What's going on today? I'm working on Antarctica.
Check out this clip. I might see Autechre and Matmos tonight
but I think I have too much work to do... (o)

Sunday May 6th 2001
Well, I haven't updated since Thursday. Not much
has happened since then.  Been practicing for my show
next friday with Hrvatski and Cex at the cooler, and worked
15 hours straight yesterday on this animation project for my
'regular job' (o)

Thursday May 4th 2001
I did go to the Playboy Party. But I didn't see
any playmates! Long story short - Arrived just
as it was ending so all I got were a bunch of souvenirs!
Oh well... Did happen to bump into Todd from Carpark
and get a bunch of my new posters though! (o)

Wednesday May 3rd 2001
There is seriously nothing going on today.
Except that I might go to this Playboy Party
tonight in NYC.  We'll see! (o)

Tuesday May 2st 2001
Saw an amazing video last night by
my friend Matt - Bit Meddler.
Check it! (o)

Tuesday May 1st 2001
Nothing exciting going on... Waiting to
get the Marumari Posters this week, and news
back about the Marumari/To Rococo Rot tour.
Will keep you posted as always! (o)

Monday April 30th 2001
Goin to work! Seeya tonight! (o)

Sunday April 29th 2001
New Website in effect. Designed to be “useful”,
loads quickly, has virtually no graphics, can be viewed on a Palm Pilot (maybe).
New Sections of Fans!!! Yes that means you! If you have a
photo and something nice or mean to say about me, please send it to, I will put it up! (o)
You can also now purchase Marumari Stuff online!!! Go to Purchase page.

Saturday April 28th 2001
Got copies of the new Marumari album. They look pretty nice!
It is entitled “Marumari – Supermogadon” and will be out in stores in June of 2001.
Here is a sneak peak at what they look like… (o)

Friday April 27th 2001
Here is a picture from my upcoming video for ‘Rocket Summer’
From the Supermogadon Album.